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What are the costs of using the NeonSMS messaging gateway?

There are no set-up fees; you simply pay for the credits that you require.
Unused credits will stay on your account indefinitely i.e. they do not expire.

How do I set up an account?

Simply click on the trial account button on any page and you will be taken through our account set-up.

How do I send bulk test messages?

  • Click on ‘Bulk SMS’ on the navigation bar and then click on New Job.
  • Either select and move a contact group across to the Recipient Group list and click Send Group Message


  • Upload a CSV file containing the mobile numbers you wish to send a message and click Upload CSV File.
  • Type in the message you wish to send, ensure the Mobile Variable Name is the column title of the column with the mobile numbers listed and click next.
  • Type in a Job name which relates to your Bulk Message and choose when you wish the message to be sent.
  • Before clicking submit, you may need to review whether there are invalid numbers in the Bulk Job indicated by a warning message on the left.
  • Click on Submit Job. If your job contains more than 100 messages; you will be requested to verify the Bulk Job by clicking on a link sent to you in an email.

What is a CSV File?

CSV (Comma Separated Value) is a common file type used to import data from one software application to another, with commas separating the values in each field. These files are most commonly created by converting an Excel Spreadsheet to a CSV file

To create a CSV in Excel, click Save As, type in a name for the new file, use the dropdown box below the name to select CSV (Comma delimited) then click Save.
Do not open the newly saved CSV as this may corrupt the information (changes should be made in the original Excel Document and the CSV recreated.)

Also in the Excel Document save the mobile number field as text. This can be done by right clicking on the column, format cells, and set to text- this way the 0 in the number will remain in the CSV

How many characters can I send in a message?

Each message can contain up to 160 characters, however we can concatenate (which simply means join) up to 3 messages together for a total of 459 characters, you will be charged according to the number of messages used (Example: A message containing 420 characters counts as 3 messages, and will be charged as 3 messages)

Please note: There are a number of special characters which count as 2 characters, these characters are {, }, ^, \, /, |, ~, €, Enter (Carriage Return).

How do I purchase credits?

Once logged in, click on Buy Credits, and type in the amount of credits you want to buy, clicking on the Quote button will let you see how much your credits will cost before you complete your purchase. To complete your purchase, click on the checkout button to start the payment process.
We currently support PayPal as a payment method. All our payments are carried out using SSL encryption so you can be sure that your transaction is secure.

Which type of Credits should I purchase?

Neon SMS offers two different credit options to best suit your SMS requirements. To ensure you get the best value from your account this depends on your sending destination and the network operator in that country.

  • Discount credits - This option gives you the best value when sending to lower cost destinations such as Ireland. This option offers the lowest rates. To ensure your destination is covered by discount credits please check here
    Our system will alert you if discount credits will not cover some of your messages before you send allowing you to save job and buy the required Standard credits.
  • Standard Credits - This option applies to destinations with more expensive network providers in that country, such as messages sent to Spain or Germany.

To help you decide if you require standard Credits for your account please check here

Can I integrate SMS to my existing software package?

Yes, if you are able to make changes to your software package to add in our API functionality you will be able to integrate directly with our SMS Gateway. Have a look in our Products page to see more details under our SMS API section.

If you cant change your application, we also support email to SMS transition, which allows you to send an email to us which we will convert into a SMS message and send on. Have a look in our Products page to see more details under our SMTP/ Email API section.

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