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Libraries save €100,000

Libraries save €100,000 thanks to NeonSMS and Interleaf.

New contract signed as ‘library texts sent’ pass the 250,000 mark.

Neon SMS Solutions¹ www.neonsms.ie a leading provider of flexible and cost effective text messaging services for public and private enterprises, announced today that it has renewed its contract with Interleaf Technology Ltd², which facilitates libraries sending overdue notices as text messages to a borrower’s mobile phone.

The 24 libraries using the application saved over €100,000 for the national library budget in 2010 when compared with the cost of sending out posted notices. Interleaf Technology sent over 250,000 texts last year on behalf of Irish libraries and the popularity of the application continues to grow.

“The cost of sending a text message is far cheaper than the 54c cost of a posted letter, so you can see how using an SMS application can offer genuine cost savings for organisations,” said Interleaf Technology Director, Martin McGovern. “Libraries are not only saving a huge amount of money compared with printed notices, but they are also saving a lot of staff time. Our feedback also suggests that library members are more responsive to a text notice than a printed equivalent and are returning books more promptly,” he said.

Interleaf Technology who provide a Total Library Service to the Irish Library Community's IT and Security Systems requirements, have been in the business of providing software solutions to libraries since 1998.

NeonSMS and Interleaf Technology have been working together successfully for three years and, according to Margaret Walsh, Sales and Marketing Manager at NeonSMS, being an Irish company is ‘important’ as Interleaf Technology prefer to support indigenous companies where possible.

“The key challenge in the current recession is to save money as budgets are tight,” said Walsh. “With this in mind when Interleaf Technology developed their application, we had an SMS API interface which fitted in neatly. The NeonSMS web interface to the SMS system is easy for library staff to use and we also offered extra services like bulk texts and an audit history as part of the package. Interleaf Technology are enthusiastic about the service which they see as a modern way for libraries to communicate with their users,” she continued.

NeonSMS has gone from strength to strength with a new Brand identity and website which was shortlisted for a golden spider award. The company has been growing rapidly and has a broad range of clients from financial institutions and corporates, to government and non-profit organisations.

“We’ve seen our client base double in size because in a world of tight budgets with a sharp focus on value for money, SMS is a perfect match for IT managers and marketeers and we are well placed to serve those customers,” Walsh said.

Golden Spider Nomination

NeonSMS have made it on to the ShortList for the E business (exclusive web business) category for the upcoming Eircom Golden spider Awards 2010 (http://www.eircomspiders.ie/categories.php). The Ebusiness Eircom Spider award, sponsored by Webfactory, is for exclusively web-based businesses that provide site visitors with an intuitive, user-friendly and viable means of doing business securely online.

NeonSMS Founded in 2006 provide SMS text messaging solutions to its clients including SIPTU, Cork City Council, Credit Unions, Schools and IT developers etc .

The Golden Spider Awards ceremony, which takes place on November 18th, is an annual event honouring Irish individuals and organisations for outstanding achievements online and celebrating the successes of the Irish internet and digital media.

Talking about the Awards Margaret Walsh Marketing Manager At NeonSMS stated that .all of us at Neon are very excited to have made it to the Shortlist of such a prestigious website award.. she also stated that . The NeonSMS (www.neonsms.ie) Website has been redesigned, rebranded and relaunched at the start of this year based on the feedback of our clients and site users with the aim to create a friendly user experience and site full of relevant information for new clients and our current users alike. Making the list for the Spider awards confirms the quality of the service we offer.

Neonsms would like to wish all the nominations all the best for the Ceremony on Thursday

Webawards Nomination

We are delighted to announce that NeonSMS has been nominated in the Technology category for the upcoming 2010 Irish Web Awards. We have been nominated for the Best Technology Site which is sponsored by BH Consulting.

The NeonSMS Website has been redesigned, rebranded and relaunched at the start of this year based on the feedback of our clients and site users with the aim to create a friendly user experience and site full of relevant information for new clients and our current users alike.

Our service can now be easily used from a self service account from the web or by using our API or Email to SMS options.

With the new site we have also integrated with our social networking activity, to provide yet more ways for our users to interact with us. We also plan on developing this area further with a blog to provide news on our services as well as relevant information on the mobile environment and Data Protection requirements.

Congratulations to all the nominees who have made it on to the long list for the 2010 Irish Web Awards. There is a lot of excellent competition for the next round and we are very hopeful to be included in the short list and the Final!

Good luck to everyone involved.