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How Neon SMS Works

Each of our SMS products are designed to be reliable and easy to use, ensuring you can communicate quickly and efficiently using SMS.

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Bulk Text marketing

Our Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing.

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Bulk SMS Services

Harness the power of bulk messaging with our SMS Service

Neon SMS offers a number of bulk SMS services which enable you to harness the power of a SMS text messaging service in your organisation today! Each of our SMS service solutions is designed to be reliable and easy to use.

Bulk Web SMS
Bulk Web SMS

Our Web SMS service allows you to login to our system from our website and send individual or bulk SMS messages from your personalised web account.

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Text Manager
Text Manager

This desktop solution is an easy to use application allowing you to send template or customised messages, while automatically filtering replies, ensuring you remain Data Protection Compliant.

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Two Way SMS
Incoming SMS

For 2 way SMS communications, we can offer you either a dedicated mobile number or a keyword on one of our existing numbers which will allow you to receive messages using NeonSMS.

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A picture speaks a thousand words? MFlyer is a customised brochure of your pictures and logo.s to send with your text message. Grab the attention of your target audience and let your offers be visual!

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SMS Integrate
SMS Integrate

The SMS API (Application Programming Interface) provides a simple, reliable and seamless connection between our secure internet gateways and your software or applications.

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Email SMS
Email SMS

Send SMS messages using email through our SMTP API. This service will receive emails that have been created in a certain format and translate them into SMS messages.

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A flexible text messaging service to meet any business need

Our various different SMS products allow you to either integrate with our systems using HTTP or SMTP or you can use our existing gateway via a simplified web account to send individual or bulk SMS messages. Our wide range of SMS services are uniquely positioned to meet any text messaging service requirement.

Neon SMS offer a wide range of text messaging services

At Neon SMS we have a wide range of SMS services to suit our clients. From Bulk Web SMS to Email SMS we can provide an SMS service to suit your specific business need. Our bulk Web SMS service provides you with a personalised web account, allowing you to login and send messages conveniently at any time or place. Our text manager solution allows you to send template or customised messages while automatically filtering replies and we also offer a two way text messaging service. With our Mflyertext messaging service you can send a customised visual brochure with your text message. Our SMS Integrate API gives you a seamless connection between your systems and our secure internet gateways. With an email to SMS service you can send SMS messages using email through our SMTP API.

Contact us today for more information on a text messaging service from Neon SMS

We are happy to discuss your SMS service requirement. If you have any questions on our text messaging service or wish to learn more about our SMS service options please call +353 21 2430700 or e-mail your query to info@neonsms.ie.