SMS, Apps or Email? Customer Engagement Strategies Analysed – Infographic

How do you define the quality of a marketing campaign? The message and content can be fantastically executed, but unless your target audience actively engages with the campaign, that will count for absolutely nothing. Marketers need to know which platform is most likely to elicit the desired reaction from customers, whether that’s through SMS, a mobile app or traditional email.
It’s overly simplistic to say that one strategy is invariably ‘better’ than the others, as the target audience and desired response will vary from one campaign to another. That said, market research shows that of the three strategies compared in this infographic, one tends to have a higher success rate than the others…


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Orla Forrest is the Business Development Executive for NeonSMS. Orla has over 10 years experience in the Technology and Telecommunications industry and has been with NeonSMS since 2011.
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