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NeonSMS is a leading provider of flexible text messaging solutions. Our services provide a simple, easy to use method to deliver your message instantly to your target market! At NeonSMS we can put the power of mobile messaging in YOUR HANDS.

About TextManager:

With our TextManager solution you can instantly communicate with your existing clients, easily grow and manage your subscriber database. TextManager is an effective communications and marketing tool for any business. This self contained solution will save you time and money while also helping your business comply with data protection legislation.

Automate your SMS Process 

Our TextManager desktop solution is an easy to use application allowing you to send template or customised text messages, while automatically filtering replies.

Straight-forward use

TextManager is incredibly easy to use! Simply sign-in and select or create your text message, schedule or send to a recipient or group. TextManager does the rest!

Grow Your Contact List Today

Your clients can subscribe or unsubscribe to your SMS messaging service with ease. Using a short code, users simply text an advertised keyword while again TextManager does the rest! This will help you to grow your subscriber database and extend your marketing reach.


For Data Protection Compliance it is vital to record permission of opt-ins and opt-outs from your subscribers. TextManager can help with this and will save you time by automating this procedure. Ensuring your company remains compliant with the Data Protection Laws.

Benefits of using TextManager:

  • Fast, low cost communication with subscribers
  • Secure management of subscribers
  • Easy to operate- automatic subscriber opt in/out
  • Compliance with Data Protection Act
Features of TextManager:
  • Create, edit and store message templates
  • Schedule outgoing message batch jobs
  • Auto and manual subscriber management
  • Securely manage users & groups by dept and role
  • Integrate with your website
  • Customised Reports
  • Auto Reply Functionality
NeonSMS provides our customers with access to their gateway, use of short codes and a setup of two keywords.
The Short code options that are available are : 50015– (Free short code for end user to use) or 51444( Standard rate short code).
Also for outbound messaging we offer flexible pricing structure depending on volumes and needs.
For More Information on TextManager and other Products and Services:
Call: +353 58 64000 / +353 21 2430700
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