Cork City Council launches weather alert system with NeonSMS

30 Aug 2012, Cork, Ireland: – NeonSMS Solutions, a leading provider of flexible and cost effective text messaging services, announced today that they have been working closely with Cork City Council to launch the SMS weather alert system. The text alert-based system will allow members of the public to subscribe and automatically receive the severe weather alerts issued to local authorities by Met Éireann.

Cork City Council is currently using a NeonSMS application called Text Manager to alert the public to closures or maintenance work on the Jack Lynch Tunnel. They also recognised the need for a weather alert system and already having Text Manager in place has allowed them to provide this invaluable service to the public.
Text Manager is a self contained solution allowing automatic subscriptions once a member of the public registers on-line. With this solution anyone who wishes to unsubscribe will be automatically removed from the texting database and in doing so Text Manager also helps our customers achieve and maintain data protection compliance.

The Met Éireann weather alerts will provide subscribers with an indication of predicted rainfall, allowing for any necessary precautions to be taken in advance. We would like to congratulate Cork City Council on taking a proactive approach to the recent bad weather events and bearing in mind that there are more mobile phones registered in Ireland than there are people, text messaging has proved the only way to deliver these type of instant notifications to the public reliably.
NeonSMS are continuously developing new and innovative products in the SMS and digital marketing sectors.

Text Manager has shown to not only be beneficial to Government departments but also to organisations across the world in the hospitality, entertainment and retail markets.

You can subscribe to the weather alert system at

For further details, contact:
Orla Forrest
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