Neon Solutions was founded in 2003 when we developed our scalable internet gateway service. Our service is based on open source technologies which allow us to solve messaging issues and provide our clients with industry leading mobile communication interfaces and infrastructure.

We have built a service orientated company that is determined to solve any communication challenge whilst keeping our primary focus on the mobile communication industry

  • Our goal is to take away the complication regarding mobile messaging, and to provide our clients with a simple interface that does allows them to deliver relevant information when they want it and where they want it
  • Our aim is clear – if we don’t provide the service that our clients require, we will develop the interface to cater for their specific needs
  • Our mission is to do all of this and to be more cost effective than our competitors

Often communication companies are poor at communication themselves, so we like to keep it simple – if you have any question or would like to discuss a requirement we are here to listen.

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