SMS Marketing ~ Send Pictures Within Your Text Message (MFlyer)

It’s true what they say, A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words !!!

Are you finding it hard to communicate with your customers ?  Well, Instead of telling your customers what you can offer them SHOW THEM !  . Pictures are a great way to capture your audience as they allow you to tell a story. Why not take your customers on a journey step by step with you making their experience more real and memorable with the MFlyer.

What is an MFlyer?

Mflyer is a unique way to catch the attention of your target market. It is a customised brochure of pictures and logos which can be sent through a text message. There is no limit on how many pictures  you attach, you can make your story as long as you please. The MFlyer also allows you to integrate all means of communication in the one place .

Benefits of MFlyer:

  • Display as many images and logos with a link through a  text message
  • Reach your target market within minutes
  • Make interaction with customers more personal and memorable
  • Tell a story without being limited to 160 characters
  • Don’t just tell your clients about your great products/services……SHOW THEM!
  • Drive traffic to your Website, blog or Social Media Platforms
  • Improve brand awareness & word of mouth
  • Track your message success with full analytics on every MFlyer sent
Yes,We know a lot of people are not in favor of  SMS Messaging as an effective marketing tool, which is why here at NeonSMS we want to take this marketing opportunity that one step further  for you and your business with the MFlyer.
The MFlyer can be used throughout all different Marketing Campaigns allowing you to reach your audience within seconds . Believe me when I say the MFlyer will be the next big thing !
For More Information On the MFlyer go to NeonSMS Or Click on the link to see what an MFlyer can do
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