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10 years of iPhone

10 Years of the iPhone

In 2007, Apple launched an innovative communications device called the iPhone. More than a decade later, the original smartphone has evolved substantially with each new model, with the current iPhone X a significant advance on the inaugural iPhone. This video charts the progression of the iPhone series from its 2007 debut through to the 10th [...]

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The Extraordinary Effectiveness of SMS Coupons

Marketing campaigns are costly to run, so those responsible are under pressure to deliver a return in terms of generating customer loyalty and increasing the company’s customer base. One of the most effective marketing communication channels is undoubtedly SMS, as it’s easy for customers to act upon and they are more likely to respond to [...]

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How dependent are we on smartphones featured image

How dependent are we on smartphones?

From keeping in touch with friends to booking holidays, shopping online and catching up on the world’s news, smartphones can be used to perform any number of practical functions. However, sometimes we can be too reliant on our smartphones to provide an answer for certain situations, while boundaries regarding etiquette also tend to be crossed. [...]

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Bill Pay vs Prepay: Mobile Payment Options Compared

Some mobile users like the structure and organisation of fixed bill payments, while others much prefer the flexibility of prepaid top-up if and when it’s needed. Both options have their distinctive plus and minus points, so it’s a case of determining which plan best suits the way that you use your mobile. This infographic compares [...]

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SMS Two-Factor Authentication

A few years ago, setting a strong password was considered adequate protection for your online profiles from being hacked, but with malevolent Internet activity becoming ever more sophisticated, a password on its own just doesn’t cut it anymore. Only through the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) will your profiles be well safeguarded, as hackers would [...]

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Optimising SMS Opt-Ins

Businesses run SMS opt-in campaigns in the hope of promoting brand loyalty and customer engagement, but in order for such a campaign to be successful, they need to know what type of promotion their customers would like, as well as targeting them in the right way. The number of messages you send, the time at [...]

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SMS, Apps or Email? Customer Engagement Strategies Analysed – Infographic

How do you define the quality of a marketing campaign? The message and content can be fantastically executed, but unless your target audience actively engages with the campaign, that will count for absolutely nothing. Marketers need to know which platform is most likely to elicit the desired reaction from customers, whether that’s through SMS, a [...]

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Business Etiquette for Mobile Devices – Infographic

We now use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones abundantly in every facet of life, not least in the workplace. While the need to be mobile and contactable at any hour makes these devices essential, the lines governing their appropriate usage in the office can be blurred, and companies should set out clear guidelines [...]

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BYOD for Small Businesses – Infographic

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are now widely common throughout the world, and millions of people rely on the use of these devices in their work. That is why an increasing number of companies are implementing BYOD (bring your own devices) policies, which specify in black and white the permissible use of personal [...]

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Business SMS Success Stories – Infographic

The meteoric rise of instant messaging apps makes the traditional text message seem outdated, in the eyes of some. However, for businesses engaging in direct marketing with its customer base, SMS has proven time and again to be the most effective form of communication by far, with this medium drawing considerably larger profits for companies [...]

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